How to choose the right I.T. for your property business

Selecting the right I.T. for your business

Whether you’re in a business start up or run an established multi billion pound organisation, I.T. has become the essential cog in our armoury  – guaranteed to make our lives easier, gifting us literally days of free time to do what we want and at a fraction of the cost.

Show me a successful business and I’ll show you the I.T. system that looks after the wellbeing of the human staff 24/7, never breaking down or needing any payment or maintenance of any kind.

Technology, it’s the future – now. 

Have I just described your business I.T. systems?

If I have then, you clearly are blessed! If you can throw me a prediction for next weeks Euromillions draw I’d be most grateful. 

More than likely, when reading this you were eating a biscuit and mockingly laughing. Crumbs of biscuit being launched from your mouth to the screen at enormous speed as you exhaled, proclaiming:

“Kidding aren’t you? The amount of money I spend on those bloody computers, and nothing ever works!”

… granted that’s very specific.

But the point is: if you choose the RIGHT I.T. systems then you are on your way to achieving at least some of the heavenly description we started this post with.

And that’s what this post is all about: Just how do you, as a business owner choose the right I.T. systems for your business?

What is your business’s I.T. needs?

I.T. is an integral part of just about every business hoping to survive and thrive in todays competitive and often overcrowded marketplace. We at Munki Business I.T. find it rather strange therefore that business owners do not always treat the integration of an I.T. system with the same level of care as they do an employee. 

You want your employee to be capable of performing certain tasks efficiently and to a certain standard – not just for a day or a week but also (hopefully) for years. This can mean that over time your employee’s duties may change and evolve in line with your business. 

Many business owners would agree that the right employee is not an expense but an investment, adding value in so many ways! The right I.T. system can be looked at in exactly the same way – not as a necessary and expensive evil but as a core function of the business, an investment evolving alongside your business.

Your I.T. should grow with your business.

Before deciding what I.T.  system you need, have a careful look at your short medium and long term (five year if possible) goals. 

With this list in hand, consider your business processes both now and in the future. Property and estate agency businesses for example, start very small and as their portfolio grows so does the team needed to tend to the various tasks. 

This means that your I.T. system needs to be scalable and able to integrate itself into your business by taking on the processes that will inevitably make your employees life easier – allowing them to focus on their own speciality. Estate agents, like many other businesses thrive because of the human contact element. 

It is very difficult for your employee to go and meet potential tenants or buyers if they are stuck in the office waiting for ineffective software to work or with a CRM that does not help with appointments and call-backs in a way that is easy to understand. 

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most essential I.T. components for property businesses:

A reliable and secure server

There are so many reasons why you need a secure web server, spanning from data security, to Google ranking to communication and client trust. 

A backup and disaster recovery solution

Human error, Cyber threats such as ransomware, hardware and software failure, theft or loss of devices, natural disasters… they are all very real and DO happen. This is why a data backup and disaster recovery plan is essential. With one in place you can overcome these obstacles with minimal interruptions.

A scalable and flexible network

As mentioned earlier, network scalability is important as it will insure that as your business grows so does your network capabilities, meaning you can meet increased demands both from your customers and your staff.  

A comprehensive security solution

We’ve seen property businesses, estate agents and many other companies fall prey to all manner of cyber attacks. Unfortunately there are some very unethical people out there who make a living from taking yours!

…And we are not talking about hoodie wearing teenagers in their bedrooms with a laptop (as is the popular preconception) but very intelligent and organised professionals. 

If you are not protected then you are at risk!


The best business software for an estate agency.

I’m not going to recommend any specific software type to use here but I will point you toward the top ten most popular software solutions used in the UK. I’ll let you decide from there. 

It is often a good idea to see what is working well in your industry and what your competitors are using. If they are doing well and getting great results then that can act as a virtual thumbs up.

According to Art Division, an industry specific marketing company, you want your software to:

  • Boost lead generation 
  • Automate and personalise the sales process so agents can convert more clients. 
  • Facilitate on-going relationships with customers to maximise the time they spend with the company 
  • Improve efficiency and reduce administrative costs


Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. And as promised earlier, you can access the top UK estate agency software list here:

A shameless plug from Munki Business I.T. 

Well, that’s about it.  I hope you have enjoyed this week’s blog. If you have any questions or would like help with your I.T. systems and you want a company to work alongside who is proactive, and aims to cut your I.T. spend down to 1/6 of what you normally spend over a twelve month period then fill in the form below and we will get back to you within one working day.