How Technology is Helping the Leading North East Estate Agency Stay in Front

Technology and the estate agency

Technology has become the central nervous system behind just about every successful business and estate agency in the north east (and indeed the UK). When used properly technology offers the modern estate agency so many benefits. 

The estate agency that is not taking advantage of the increased productivity that technology can provide is at a severe disadvantage and will find it hard to keep their head above water in the proverbial shark infested marketplace. 

Conversely, the estate agents with their finger on the pulse of tomorrow will become the big fish – once the Tyne is cleaned up a bit that is – and can dominate the market place. 

This post will look at the top ranking estate agency in the North East and investigate how technology is helping them to rule the roost.

Keith Pattinson: 

So, I type: ‘Estate agency north east’ into Google as any prospective client would – and do, 79.2 million every month in the UK to be precise – and top of page one is Pattinsons.

This means that nearly half of all those people who typed that into Google then went on to:

Right away we see that this company know their audience. They have managed to identify customer pain points and provide an interactive solution (alongside a little social proof).

Take Away: Show that you understand your potential clients and can help them with their problems, in this case buying or selling a home.

Even the word ‘home’ is clever. People develop an emotional connection to the place they live and have an anticipated emotional connection to a place they want to move to. Had the title read:

‘Helping you find or sell your house’

Many people wouldn’t engage with this as it seems somehow cold and unfeeling – emotions that would then be attributed to the brand!

Take away 2 – If you want your estate agency to rank high on Google then give clients a reason to stay on your site and interact. 

Technology that attracts homeowners

So far on this site I am seeing user benefits. That is, I see exactly what I want to see. They have connected with me emotionally, have offered me the opportunity to quickly find the home I want and now as I scroll down, they show once more that they understand exactly what I as a homeowner might want:


We are a curious species, and a pressing a button to find out what my house is worth is surely enough to scratch that snooping itch. It’s a little like walking into a room where a friend is reading people’s palms. Whether you believe in that or not, curiosity is usually enough for you to thrust your hand out and have your fortunes told. 

Social proof at the touch of a button

Some websites will place testimonials on their site and unless those testimonials can be verified then they are on shaky ground. You know the kind of thing:

“This estate agency is the best in Newcastle”


The good people of Newcastle and surrounding areas are a little more streetwise than that and would find such a testimonial dubious at best. Pattinson on the other hand have elected to display testimonials from two online sources that have already established a long-term reputation for trustworthiness:


The estate agency with an engaging call to action



How many websites have you visited where there was a simple:

“Sign up to our newsletter here”

Again, the people of the north east are not going to simply enter in their email address without good reason as they would most certainly expect to be spammed with all sorts of sales messages. 

Pattinson have overcome this barrier by offering the prospective customer five compelling reasons why they absolutely want to hand over their contact details. 

Let’s have a look at some of those reasons and how many of them are technology based:

  1. Bid in online auctions – That sounds like a fun, interactive and potentially profitable activity. 100% technology based.
  2. Track your sales progression in real time – A huge user benefit and 100% technology based
  3. Confirm viewings – Technology based and will probably be linked to an automated communication system for Pattinson employees and clients.
  4. Give viewing feedback – Technology based social proof which also adds the benefit of making the client feel like their views are valued.
  5. Set up property alerts – Again you guessed it, technology based and probably automatic, so doesn’t require any interaction from the estate agents.

Real time statistics for the north east estate agent


Assuming the numbers above are accurate then 56,298 houses have been rented and sold by this company and they have 5,768 customers. 

Consider all the various processes that would need to be conducted, alongside the timeframes and members of staff that would need to communicate with one another and clients – to say nothing of the official documentation that would have to be prepared and signed, oh and the tradespeople and lawyers and accountants that would need to be kept in the loop.

Do you suppose that this is anywhere near achievable WITHOUT technology being a core function and an essential cog in the infrastructure of Pattinson estate agents? 

A little aside here too: The counter listing all of those statistics may be generated by photoshop and updated every time a statistic changes but it is more likely that this too is automatic and very simple for a computer to do.

The successful estate agency gets value from its database

Provided you have permission to do so (see then the data you hold on your database can be an effective lead generator. I’m assuming that it goes without saying that having a database is 100% technology based these days.

The example below is directed at the homeowner. If you recall, earlier the site offered the homeowner the opportunity to find out how much their property is worth, now they want to impress you further by letting you know how many people they have waiting for a property such as theirs. 


There are many more functions and processes that are made simple and achievable by implementing technology in the right way into your business. Munki Business IT are on a mission to help small businesses in the UK to be using technology to its best possible advantage and in a way that will save you most time and generate most money. 

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