Invest in your company with the right I.T. support

The revolutionary IT service that can save you time & money

Large corporations look upon I.T. as a core function of their business. They understand that when something goes wrong with the systems, the resulting effect can be very costly in both company time and money.

For this reason they cannot afford to be reactive. That is, to wait for problems to occur before they report them to the I.T. team. They take a more proactive approach.

We know this approach as the ‘Technology Success Provider’ model, and it has only been offered to large corporations.

For the first time we are inviting small and medium sized enterprises to benefit from the many benefits offered by the Technology Success Provider model.

How is Munki Business IT different?

We are proactive, because as a business owner you need to be.

The traditional (reactive) way of utilising the services of I.T. experts is still used by many businesses, and possibly by your competitors.


How much money is lost because of failing technology?

Recent statistics show that businesses that still use the former ‘reactive’ method typically pay their I.T. company £5 – £6.5k per year per employee.

The money saved by implementing the proactive method is an astounding £0.9 – £1.2k per year.

Join us for I.T. and Cake

Look at your business processes, as one would cake preparation from a quality bakery – choice ingredients put together and prepared by seasoned professionals who know exactly what they are doing.

The end result is a delicious delectable delight for you to take home and enjoy.

You can of course make the cake yourself. Dig out a recipe, go do some food shopping and put together the ingredients in the best way you know how and produce something potentially of questionable quality.

Unless you run an IT company then the chances are your team are not I.T. and process mapping experts. We are!

Don’t leave the success of your business efficiency to chance.

Contact us to see how we can help improve your business efficiency.