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Is your IT a profit generator?

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What kind of IT support are you used to?

Most companies in the UK are used to paying for an IT company that will come out and fix their business technology systems when they malfunction or break. Naturally, while those small to medium sized UK based businesses are waiting for their systems to get back up and running, they lose money in company downtime whilst also paying for redundant staff time.

Is this you? 

There is something fundamentally wrong with a managed services provider that relies on your technology NOT working for them to make money, don’t you think? 

Time to take on a Technology Support Partner (TSP)

Technology is the lifeblood of your organisation and if your business and technology goals are in perfect alignment then you are guaranteed to have the most efficient, forward-thinking systems in place, armed in advance to protect against potential cyber threats and support your company throughout its natural growth and evolution. 

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Introducing the Technology Success Provider (also TSP)

The world of technology has finally joined with the business world so that business tech support companies can intimately understand the goals and operations of small to medium sized businesses in the UK to provide exactly the right technology and support both now and in the future. 

The Technology Success Provider is the natural evolution of the ‘good old’ Managed Services Provider model that we are used to in the UK, with one major difference: 

“Our revenue stream is dependent upon your IT systems generating you a healthy profit.”

The TSP model regards technology as a revenue generator, an investment – as important as any key member of staff – able to perform complex operations, improve company communication and facilitate the smooth running of day-to-day business operations at all levels in your organisation. 

We do this by introducing two vital roles:

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

The world of technology and business often speak in two completely different languages, and so it has been for many years. This has meant that there has never been a true synergy between corporate businesses and the outsourced IT support… until now.

The vCIO is primarily a business strategist brought in to communicate with your top-level executives. It is their job to intimately understand your current and projected business operations then work with the Technology Alignment Manager (TAM) to ensure your IT solutions are the most cost effective, and the most efficient way of achieving your goals both now and in the future.

Technology Alignment Manager (TAM)

The TAM works closely with the vCIO. They design and implement technological solutions at every level of the business ensuring that the wants and needs of the top-level executives are being directly met. The IT systems they put in place are matched exactly to the size of your team and allow for your projected growth, saving you money on purchasing unnecessary equipment.

The TAM will future proof against potential cyber-attacks and monitor (in real time)  technological processes and efficiency – this again saves money as the chances of your systems slowing down or stopping altogether are greatly reduced.

Embrace the future…

Technology is no longer a reluctant expense it is the lifeblood of your business, designed to save you both time and money. 

The TAM and vCIO have transformed how technology is used in business. Investing in the right systems and the right support is an investment into the future.

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